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This website is related to Bachelor of Public Administration Notes / Syllabus / Details, Management Notes,  and many more things. This website was firstly started by Subas Niraula with the help of his colleagues who are currently studying BPA in Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus, Biratnagar. A special note that the support of the viewers who visit this website encourage us a lot to improve and add more contents.


This website is web blog through which we share BPA Notes, Management Notes and many more things. All of the post in this post are categorized in systematic way. As feedback is very important in any aspect, so we have added the comment section where you can able to write your review or suggestion, this will helps us as advice or suggestion and the encouragement. We feel easy to decide what to post or to which subject we must give more priority. The post content title show the property of the entire notes. We have done it all for minimizing difficulties to surf our site. Our website represent notes in simple language which helps to understand easily to all level of students. We hope our website is helping the students from different corner.

Our Story:

BPA Notes (bpanotes.ml) was founded in 2019. Due to the financial problem and unavailability of international supported cards, we unable to register .com domain. This domain name .ml is a free domain name available globally. We promise, in future we will migrate this domain to universally supported top level domain. We need your support in every step of this site.


If you find any kind of errors, problems, limitations or anything else which shouldn’t have been in this website then feel free to contact us. If you want to make a contribution on this site, want to post articles/notes/documents or anything related to BPA then please kindly Contact Us as well. We will take an action as soon as possible on anything you report. Thanks in advance.


BPA Notes | TUBPA is completely ad-free website. There are no any promotional advertisements inside website even after this site hits over 1000 unique visitors every month. Running a website without an ad or without a proper stable source of income is hard to run because we have to pay for hosting, management, and other internal website tools annually and paying such cost for a student by deducting from pocket money is now seems impossible. We offered this site without advertisement for 2 years since 2018 (previously domain name was bpanotes.ml). We, now want to add some (not many) logical, study related, course related ads in the website. We haven’t applied for Google ads because Google shows random ads and we don’t want that. We promise we will never show you an ad inside reading page/post. If you want to advertise in this website please kindly visit contact us page and fill your info, we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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